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 What are transfers?

If you are a boutique owner looking to create your own shirts, or a crafter interested in earning a little residual income by selling your products online, or you just want to make shirts for yourself... then transfers are for you!  We create high quality screen print transfers by printing plastisol ink on special paper instead of printing it on the garment. The paper is then passed through a conveyor dryer where the ink is heated until it has gelled just enough to be dry to the touch.  To finish the adhesion process, the screen print transfer is pressed directly onto the garment using a commercial grade heat press. These transfers can be pressed onto any color fabric and all cotton, poly, and/or wicking materials.

 What do customers need to know about transfers?

These must be applied with a heat press.

 Who are transfers for?

Transfers are used by a variety of people!  Boutique owners, small online businesses, mamas looking to make a little extra money, and crafters!

 What equipment is needed?

Commercial grade heat press (not an iron or a Cricut easy press).

 What are the benefits of using transfers?

Purchasing our transfers allows you to press a design on any color/style/size shirt your customer may want. That means you don't have to carry stock of finished products and worry about whether or not they will sell!

 What makes our transfers better than others?

Our transfers are made of the highest quality, lightweight yet super soft ink. We keep the majority of our transfers in stock so you can run pre-orders without worrying about the design no longer being available! 

Plus, orders are typically shipped within 3-5 business days!

All About Screen Print Transfers