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Dapper Designs Owner Erika Cappa

Interview With Erika Cappa
Owner | Dapper Designs

How did you get started in the t-shirt printing industry?
Having four boys who are very active means the majority of my wardrobe consists of comfy clothes... t-shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies are this mama's best friend! Dapper Designs began because I was tired of the boring affordable shirts and didn't want to spring for the costly sassy shirts... so I decided to design my own!

What is your favorite part about running Dapper Designs?
My favorite part about running Dapper Designs, by far, is building relationships with so many people that I otherwise would not have met. Our shirts aren't bought by "customers"... they are friends who have turned into family. We are our own little tribe!

Share a little background information about yourself:
I am very proud to have served my country as a Military Police Sergeant and a two time Iraq veteran. I am married to a police officer who has dedicated his life to serving our community. We have four boys (16, 13, 9 & 3) who keep us very busy... but we wouldn't have it any other way! We have three pups who are like toddlers and a grouchy cat who only loves on us when she's hungry.

In my spare time, I love all things that involve the outside... except yard work. Also, I am a HUGE wrestling fan. College wrestling is my favorite, but you will also find me at as many junior high and high school tournaments as often as possible... even if my kids aren't competing!

What is your all-time favorite Dapper Designs shirt/print?
It's hard for me to pick a favorite design. I'm a sucker for all of the sassy prints. I often have to check my shirt before I go into my kids' schools to make sure I'm "appropriate". HAHA!