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You Just Have To Start!

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on January 27 2021

You don’t have to start with the biggest & most expensive... you just have to start!

When I decided I wanted to sell t-shirts as a “side hustle” almost 5 years ago I didn’t have a large chunk of change to buy my starting supplies, so I had to settle for what I could afford at the time.

How I Got Started Selling T-Shirts

I bought my first heat press off of Amazon for $200. I read the reviews, there was more food than bad, but I knew I would have to upgrade to a bigger, better, more expensive heat press eventually. The one I bought worked great, did its job, no complaints. I replaced it every 6-12 months for the first 3 years (& I always had a back-up one just in case mine unexpectedly broke) and then I finally gave in and bought the fancy $3k one everyone raves about.


And I hated it.


I didn’t feel as “in control”. I felt more comfortable with my original heat press. I knew how it worked, I knew how to make all of the proper adjustments. And because of that I felt more confident in the product I was putting out.


In my fulfillment center (that’s what I call my shop), I have four heat presses. Two are plugged in. One is a $4k heat press and the other is a $200 Amazon heat press. I can’t tell you the last time I turned on the big fancy one.


So while my $200 heat press isn’t fancy.... it gets the job done for ME. And yes, I replace it every 6-12 months, but it is what works for me.

Start Small, But Start NOW!

Don’t worry about dumping a ton of money into the biggest & best when you are just starting out, because that may not end up being what you prefer in the long run! JUST START with what you can and then take your time figuring out what equipment YOU really want.... then work towards that!


What is one thing everyone told you that you HAD to have for your business, but you ended up going a different route?