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My Top 4 Favorite Places to Order Shirts

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on December 17 2020

Are you having a hard time finding shirts in stock? Tired of having to pay high shipping fees because you’re ordering from multiple sites to get all of the different shirts you need? Well… here are my favorite websites to order from! 

best places to order shirts

S&S is my number one pick.  They carry a ton of different brands & have several warehouse locations throughout the US.  You must have a tax ID to order, but their prices are phenomenal.  Shipping is very fast, which is a MUST for me.  The only downfall is that shipping can be high unless you are placing an order that is $200+, which gives you free shipping! 

AllDayShirts is my “go to” if I only need a handful of shirts because their shipping fee is only $5.95 FLAT RATE!  They carry a ton of different brands, have great stock, and shipping is quick.  You don’t need a tax ID to order, which makes AllDayShirts a great option for those who are just starting out and haven’t been able to invest in making their business “official” just yet.

best place to order shirts

Shirt Space is another phenomenal option if you don’t have a tax ID or only need a handful of shirts.  Their prices for shirts in sizes XS – XL aren’t as cheap as AllDayShirts, but their larger shirts are cheaper… so in the end it will probably even out!  You also earn free shipping for any orders of $59+.  Shipping is prompt, but in my experience it isn’t as quick as AllDayShirts.  I have had a couple of instances of shirts being refunded a couple of days after the orders were placed because they ended up being out of stock… but unfortunately I think most of that is just because of the shortages the entire industry is experiencing right now.


Jiffy is probably one of the most widely used sites amongst shirt shops, but I think that is just because they are so well known.  Personally, I use Jiffy as a last resort.  Their shirts are more expensive than any of the other sites listed above, their shipping charges have gone up quite a bit, and I’ve heard of several complaints that they are charging “holiday” fees.