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Professional Development = Success

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on October 01 2021

I can count on one hand the number of small business owners I know who make professional development a priority in their business.  And I can tell you there is a huge difference between their business and a similar business who does not prioritize professional development.

I think professional development sounds like a big scary word to a lot of people.  It sounds daunting... and like something only needed in Corporate America.  BUT professional development literally just means further developing your skills in your profession.  That means any profession.  But is especially important for entrepreneaurs aka small business owners. 

Here are some of my favorite professional development tools:

  1. Books.... there are so many books (even audio books) that will help you continue to develop your skills.  Click here to check out a few of the books I recommend. 
  2. Podcasts... there are hundreds of podcasts out there for every aspect that pertains to small business ownership.  I listen to a ton of different weekly podcasts on Spotify.  My current favorite is Making Good: Small Business Podcast on Spotify.
  3. TED Talks... these are recorded keynote sessions.  And they are free.  I watch at least one Ted Talk every single week.
  4. SBA Learning Platform... if this website isn't already saved to your web browser, then you need to do that right now.  The SBA should be a resource you are tapping into at least once a week for a plethora of info. 
  5. SCORE... an online resource built for the sole purpose of mentoring and leading small business owners. 

You can also find in-person professional development conferences that are local or semi-local to you.  I like to search for conferences in my state using the Eventbrite website. 

Other fantastic professional development ideas are 1-on-1 coaching with an established coach in your industry, FB groups that are focused on educating people in your industry, or even getting together with other small business owners and having brainstorming sessions.

The key though is being intentional with whatever professional development path you choose and being consistent with it.