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Feast on Success: Tips for Staying Ahead with Thanksgiving Marketing in October

Written by Amber Mann


Posted on October 06 2023

Can you believe it's already October? Pumpkin spice lattes are back, leaves are turning shades of orange, and it's time to start thinking about turkey, stuffing, and all things Thanksgiving. But wait, before you reach for that slice of pumpkin pie, let's talk about how you can start marketing your Thanksgiving items right now to stay ahead during the holiday season!

Adorn Your Online Space:

First things first, give your website a little fall makeover. Swap out those summery images for cozy autumn vibes. Consider using warm colors like rich oranges, deep reds, and rustic browns to create a Thanksgiving-themed backdrop for your products. A festive banner or pop-up can also grab your visitors' attention.

Early Bird Discounts:

Everybody loves a good deal, right? Start offering early bird discounts on your Thanksgiving merchandise. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to snag items at a lower price before the holiday rush.

Create Buzz with Social Media:

Get social and let your customers know that your Thanksgiving collection is here! Post engaging content on your social media platforms, like behind-the-scenes peeks at your holiday inventory, fun fall fashion inspiration, or even share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Use relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience.

Email Marketing:

Don't forget about your email subscribers! Send out newsletters highlighting your Thanksgiving products, along with exclusive promotions for loyal customers. Consider creating themed email campaigns that build excitement around the holiday season.

Blog About It:

Writing a blog post about Thanksgiving fashion trends and how to style your boutique items for a Thanksgiving dinner can attract organic traffic to your website. Share tips, stories, and inspiration to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Collaborate with Influencers:

Partner with local influencers, bloggers or affiliates to showcase your Thanksgiving items. Influencers can create authentic content that resonates with their followers and helps you tap into a wider audience.

Thanksgiving Gift Guides:

Create curated Thanksgiving gift guides featuring your products. This can help customers find the perfect gifts for loved ones and make their holiday shopping a breeze.

Plan a Thanksgiving Countdown:

Build anticipation by starting a Thanksgiving countdown on your website or social media. Share daily tips, facts, or sneak peeks of new arrivals to keep your audience engaged and excited.

User-Generated Content:

Encourage your customers to share their Thanksgiving-themed purchases on social media using a unique hashtag. You can then feature their photos on your website or social channels, showcasing real people enjoying your products.

Holiday Packaging:

Don't forget the little things! Consider special Thanksgiving-themed packaging for your orders. It adds a personal touch and reminds your customers of the holiday spirit.

Remember, starting early with your Thanksgiving marketing gives you a competitive edge and allows you to capture the attention of early holiday shoppers. So, while you're sipping on that pumpkin spice latte, get cracking on your Thanksgiving marketing strategy. With these tips, you're bound to have an amazing holiday season!