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Digital Business Cards

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on March 10 2021

Most people have heard of linktree..... it’s basically a digital business card via a link. But some downfalls of linktree are:
• it costs money
• not super user friendly
• limited customization options
• widely used by businesses so a lot of business names are taken when creating your URL
Go to your App Store right now (Google or Apple) and search for Milkshake App. It is JUST LIKE linktree EXCEPT....
• it’s free
• it’s super user friendly
• a ton of customization options that will keep your branding on point
• not super popular YET so a lot of URL names are still available!
Once you create your digital “card” and add all of your social media to it, you will want to copy the custom URL and add that on all of your social media so customers can access ALL of your platforms with one single click!
You can even link that custom URL to a QR code and print that QR code on physical business cards, physical marketing material, digital marketing materials, etc!
My branding style is minimalistic. Black & white, clean & classy. So I stuck with that same branding theme for my digital card!
Check mine out as an example: